exchangevisits3Why do you work in Tanzania?  Why not another country?

When we were beginning this work, Tanzania presented itself as an ideal place for a young organization to make a difference.  As one of the most peaceful, but also one of the poorest, countries in the world, it is a stable place where lasting change is both needed and possible.

Why Kwala?  Why not another community?

The founder of NTC and his mentor met with a number of schools in rural Tanzania in an effort to find the community most interested and motivated in working with them.  When the duo met with school officials in Kwala (we began working strictly in the schools), their search ended.  It was instantly clear that the staff there had the greatest enthusiasm to have NTC in their community.  A partnership between Newton and Kwala was born.

untitled.How was NTC started?

See our History

What makes NTC different from other development organizations?

NTC believes in the power of communities to make change.  We believe that development efforts should be led by community members and that the most powerful way to resource this work is through community-to-community partnerships.

Tanzania 219Why are you an all-volunteer organization?

We think it is important that in the early stages of our growth as an organization we are volunteer-led, so that all of our financial resources go toward realizing our mission.  In the future we hope to be able to pay our staff in order to be sustainable long-term and to increase our effectiveness.  Today, over 93% of our budget goes toward programs that change lives.

Tanzania 377What is participatory development?

Participatory development values the knowledge and skills of poor, marginalized people and sees them as primary actors in developing their communities.

How can I get involved?

We are so glad you asked!  Please see our Get Involved section for more information.