For Educators

Interested in connecting your students with a classroom in Tanzania? NTC creates and facilitates fun cultural exchange projects between classrooms in the United States and in Tanzania!

_MG_7183Schools are a natural starting point for exciting cultural exchange opportunities, where students can begin developing an understanding of the world beyond their own. Our programs are designed to teach how different cultures can offer each other, break stereotypes, and remind people of the commonalities that bond us together. We promote and facilitate awareness and mutual understanding, and help create global citizens.

How Can I Get Involved?

NTC has designed a variety of different programs aimed towards elementary, middle, and high school students. Click on the following links to see explanations or samples of some of the projects you can do with your classroom:

Horace Mann and Mahundi Primary Classroom to Classroom Reading Project – Students from Mrs. Baxter’s third grade class at Horace Mann Elementary School learned about Tanzanian geography, culture, and literature through the NTC Classroom to Classroom Program.

Oak Hill Middle School NTC Club page – Students from Oak Hill Middle School got together and created a club at their school. Through this club the students have sponsored a number of cultural exchange and fund raising initiatives.

Kwala Secondary School Video Project - Kwala Secondary School students were given the opportunity to use a video camera in order to portray aspects of their school and community that they wanted to share with students from Newton South’s NTC Club.

Kwala Secondary School Day in the Life Drawing Project - Kwala Secondary School Students drew pictures that portray their lives at Kwala and in Tanzania to share with students from Newton South’s NTC Club.

Mason-Rice and Mahundi Exchange Questions - Students from Ms. Ceglia’s third grade class at Mason-Rice and Ms. Choma’s standard three class at Mahundi shared their culture by answering questions about their lives and illustrating their answers. Click here to learn more about this program and how to bring it into your classroom today!

Contact us and begin connecting your classroom today!