Classroom to Classroom Reading Program Lesson Plan

Provided by NTC

Lesson Goal: Expand student understanding of different cultures and countries.

Lesson Objectives: American students will be able to discuss the similarities and differences between American and Tanzanian culture, and begin engaging their African counterparts through the sharing of a story.

Appropriate for grades: 1-5

Class size: 20-30 students

Lesson Length: 60 minutes


1. Large World Map

2. Kwala DVD  (Provided by NTC)

3. Class set of Africa maps (Provided by NTC)

4. Class set of books (Provided by NTC)

5. Class set of worksheets (Provided by NTC)

6. Colored pencils or crayons

Explanation: (10 min)

  1. Display world map. Ask students, “Who can point to where we live?”
  2. Explain that we live in the city of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts, in the country of The United States of America, on the continent of North America
  3. Ask students what other continents they know
  4. Distribute the NTC map of Africa to students
  5. Explain that today the class will travel to the village of Kwala, in Coastal Region, in the country of Tanzania, on the continent of Africa. Point to its location on the world map
  6. Have students color in the country of Tanzania using their colored pencils or crayons
  7. Ask the students who the American president is
  8. Ask the students if they know where his family is from
  9. Show the students that President Obama’s family is from the country of Kenya, just north of Tanzania. Pinpoint it on the map.

Activity: (10 min)

  1. Watch Kwala DVD
  2. DVD ends with students singing “Simama Kaa,” led by Tanzanian students in the video. Have students stand and sing along to “Simama Kaa.”
    1. Vocabulary from the film:

i.      Simama: Stand up

ii.      Kaa: Sit down

iii.      Ruka: jump

Discussion: (7 min)

  1. Ask students what they do that students in Tanzania do as well (go to school, play sports, etc as seen in the Kwala video)
  2. Ask what differences exist between the lives of Tanzanians and those of American students (refer to Kwala video)

Activity: (15 minutes)

  1. Read story.
  2. Explain that story is written by a Tanzanian author.

Activity: (15 minutes)

  1. Have students draw their answers on the worksheet

Activity: (3 minutes)

  1. Explain that students in Tanzania will now read the same story and fill out the other side of the worksheet. The students should receive their worksheets, completed by their Tanzanian friends, within the next three weeks. At that point, you will continue discussing similarities and differences between cultures by exploring their Tanzanian friends drawings.

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