Check out these great books from NTC written by Tanzanian authors. Buy a book for $5 plus shipping for your child today, or learn how to connect your child’s classroom to a classroom in Tanzania through our teachers kit!

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Teachers kit

Teacher’s Kit

This teacher’s kit is applicable for grades 3-5 and is designed to help educators teach about Africa and create successful and lasting cross cultural relationships!

Each kit comes with:
1. A comprehensive three day lesson plan
2. An original video series and accompanying worksheets
3. A pre-paid envelope to facilitate the cultural exchange
4. A teacher’s copy of the selected childrens book with critical thinking questions and glossary (Please order your student books when purchasing your teacher’s kit or email NTC to specify your order)
5. Additional activities

Student books not included.


chameleon The Chameleon Who Could Not Change Her Color – Kinyonga Mdogo Ambaye Hakuweza Kubadili Rangi Yake by Walter Bgoya.

Mother and Father Chameleon give birth to forty baby chameleons. But one cannot change her color as all the others can! While she is ostracized by her family at first, it is the chameleon who cannot change her color that ends up saving her family in the end.


crow and frog The Story of the Crow and the Frog- Hadithi ya Kunguru na Chura by Walter Bgoya.

Everyone knows a crow is faster than a frog. Find out how the frog outsmarted the crow and won the race!


crow and frog The Story of the Crow and the Crab (Hadithi ya Kunguru na Kaa) by Walter Bgoya.

The crab got out of its hole on the sandy beach, as it does every day. Only today, he is met by a crow and must avoid being snatched for dinner.


katope The Story of Katope – Hadithi ya Katope as narrated by Walter Bgoya.

The character Katope is created from dark brown earth by an old couple who has no children. But Katope must never be caught in the rain. Read how he avoids rain and what happens when he is too late to escape.