Current Projects

NTC has a variety of current projects, both Stateside and in Tanzania. In Kwala, projects are selected by the NTC Kwala Committee through the Kwala Fund, our unique system of participatory educational development. Programs are carried out by NTC Project Directors with involvement from a variety of community members and students and logistical and financial support from NTC.

Community PreschoolBuilding the Preschool

With help from the NTC Kwala Fund and the NTC Kwala Committee, the Kwala Community is opening a pre-school in Kwala for children age three and four. The Kwala Committee will use money from the Kwala Fund to build the new pre-school, where parents can leave their children in a safe, learning-friendly environment during the day, helping children be better prepared when they reach kindergarten at Mahundi Primary School

Adult English Class

adult english class 6The Tanzanian bilingual policy requires children to master both Kiswahili and English as a pre-requisite for successful secondary school completion. While Kiswahili is utilized as the medium of instruction in primary school, English is enforced as the means of communication in secondary and tertiary school. Thus, knowledge of English is fundamental for Kwala students attainment of higher education. Despite the institutionalization of English through education, it is spoken by only 5% of the population, whereas Kiswahili is the prevailing lingua franca and spoken by over 95% of Tanzanians. Thus, the extent to which this Tanzanian language policy can be implemented is limited by this sociolinguistic context in which English is, despite its official status, largely a foreign language which is not spoken outside of the classroom

To promote a bilingual environment both inside and outside of the classroom, and to help the adult population access more job opportunities outside of Kwala Village, NTC Project Directors provide English classes twice per week. These classes are offered for free and held in a classroom at Kwala Secondary School.

Text Book Project at Mahundi Primary School

_MG_8996The Kwala Committee is currently working with Mahundi Primary School and NTC  to purchase more primary school text books from Mkuki Na Nyota Pubishers in Dar-Es-Salaam. The goal is to purchase at least five copies of each text for each subject for every Standard, one through seven. While more work needs to be done to reach NTC and Kwala’s goal to have a textbook in each subject for every student, having some textbooks for each subject is a huge step in the right direction.