The Village Reading Corner

Reading 3people2“If you give a child a book, he is going to start reading.

If a child starts reading, he is going to start thinking.

If a child starts thinking, he’s going to learn to imagine.

And if a child experiences the beauty of imagination, there is no telling how high he can soar.

This year, when you give your child a book, you can give a book to a Tanzanian child as well.

And then they can soar together.”

To order books, please make your check out to “NTC,” attach a note specifying which books you would like to purchase along with your mailing address, and mail it to: NTC, 11 Wenham Rd. Newton MA 02461

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NTC has partnered with Mkuki na Nyota Publishing Company in Tanzania to pilot a program that offers children’s books written by Tanzanian authors at a “buy one, give one free” rate in the United States so that each child in the community of Kwala, Tanzania will own his or her own book. Most children in Tanzania are not given the opportunity to enjoy reading as a leisure activity because they do not own books. Instead of shipping culturally irrelevant children’s books from the USA to Kwala, NTC is allowing Americans to learn about Tanzanian culture while giving the gift of reading to children in Kwala, one child at a time. To promote the concept of reading as a leisure activity, participants in NTC’s at-risk girls scholarship program at Kwala Secondary School will present the book to a primary school student and read it with them.

DSC_0425-300x200NTC has also introduced an Early Childhood Reading Program to Kwala village. NTC scholarship girls and project directors visit families throughout the village, reading with children and their families and reinvigorating the art of story-telling. Mimicking changes in intonation, pointing out certain facets of the illustration, and sounding out letters and words on each page, children and their parents have brought the artof story-telling back to life. The books, ranging from introduction of ABC’s to short stories and word problems, are all written in Kiswahili and are both culturally and linguistically appropriate. At the end of each reading, the book is given to the family with the promise that they will continue reading.

Josephine Bookshop (1)NTC is now working to expand the program, partnering with Josephina, a local business woman who is now selling children’s and adult readers for reasonable prices in Kwala Village. With the introduction of affordable reading materials throughout Kwala Village, we hope to not only decrease illiteracy, but to also reinvigorate the family setting as a place for group learning and expanding imaginations.

From L to R: Athuman Msangi, Lisa Walker, Ross Lohr, Walter Bgoya, Tapiwa Muchchemera at Mkuki na Nyota Publishing Company in Dar es Salaam

NTC Representatives meeting author Walter Bgoya at Mkuki Na Nyota Publishing Company

The Village Reading Corner also aims to link classrooms in the United States and Tanzania in cultural exchange projects involving the use of the same book. If you are in an American classroom and are interested in implementing a classroom exchange using children’s books from Tanzania, please contact us.

We are currently featuring seven books for the Village Reading Corner. All of these books can be purchased for 5 Dollars as part of the “get a book, give a book” project. However, only five titles are available for classroom cultural exchanges because those books are available in both English and Swahili. Books unavailable for classroom exchanges are marked as such. Please Click HERE to view the available selection of books.