Bilingual Learning Program

CTC_KCKSTRTR_PST (2)Need for Research
Research has demonstrated that improving the quality of education can reduce poverty and increase standards of living. Ultimately, access to quality education empowers people to have more control over their lives. However, the quality of education cannot be improved as long as students are faced with the task of learning challenging academic concepts in a foreign language.

To illustrate this point, consider these questions: Have you learned a second language? Try to envision yourself learning math or history through a language you have not yet mastered. Is it possible? Maybe. Is it conducive to learning a new academic subject? No.

boy2Concept to Communication is a six-week, research based, additive bilingual after-school program designed to build English language skills across three academic content areas, Civics, Maths, and English Language Arts. The pilot program curriculum enables students to strategically access a familiar language, Kiswahili, in order to support the introduction of new academic concepts, and English language knowledge.

Program activities include the creation of new learning materials and the implementation of a school based professional development program and six-week academic program that capitalizes on teacher and student linguistic knowledge.  The Program kicks off in September 2012!

The people behind Concept to Communication:
Lisa Walker
Rachel Weiner
Anna Faulkner
Morgan Sheppard
Fabiane Noronha
Susan Merenda
Jasleen Anand
Adrian Coyne
David Foregger
Rajwantie Sahai
Jaime Bruce

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