Buy A Book, Give A Book

Reading 3people2“If you give a child a book, he is going to start reading.

If a child starts reading, he is going to start thinking.

If a child starts thinking, he’s going to learn to imagine.

And if a child experiences the beauty of imagination, there is no telling how high he can soar.

This year, when you give your child a book, you can give a book to a Tanzanian child as well.

And then they can soar together.”

For only $5, you can help spread a love of reading all around the world!

NTC has partnered with Mkuki na Nyota Publishing Company in Tanzania. Together, we are piloting a program that offers children’s books written by Tanzanian authors at a “buy one, give one free” rate. This program promotes literacy in Tanzania by enabling Tanzanian children to own their very own book! This program also helps American children to become global citizens. Through participating in this program, American students not only become aware of the world outside of their own, but also exercise their ability to participate.


How will the book you sponsor be distributed? : To promote the concept of positive reinforcement, the books you sponsor will be distributed as part of a new reward system implemented at both Mahundi Primary School and Kwala Secondary School. Each week, students will be selected based on a combination of behavior and academic performance. The students will then be awarded with the Kiswahili version of the book you have purchased.

Click HERE to view the list of available books.

To order books, please make your check out to “NTC,” attach a note specifying which books you would like to purchase along with your mailing address, and mail it to: NTC, 11 Wenham Rd. Newton MA 02461