Classroom to Classroom

Teachers: Interested in Connecting your Third Grade Classroom with a Classroom in Tanzania?

Horace Mann Classroom to Classroom Reading Project 106NTC’s Village Reading Corner Classroom-to-Classroom initiative connects classrooms in the United States and Tanzania through the mutual reading of a Tanzanian children’s story.  This program gives American students the unique opportunity to connect one on one with students living in rural Tanzania and learn about each other’s culture in a fun and interactive way!

For students Each participating classroom will receive a class set of books written by a Tanzanian author, as well as a worksheet to be completed by individual students and curriculum that will teach students about Tanzanian culture.  The worksheets are mailed from our Tanzanian classroom to our American classroom where our American students will have the opportunity to see the answers drawn by their Tanzanian friends. At the end of the program, all students in the United States and Tanzania will get to keep a copy of the book!

Program Costs:

For just $50 and $5.00 per student, your classroom can create a cross cultural relationship. Order a classroom kit and you will receive:

A teachers copy of the book

Luc001Student friendly and comprehensive three day lesson plan

Cultural exchange worksheet

Map worksheets

Original and interactive video series

Pre-paid envelope addressed to your Tanzanian friends

Parent outreach information

Additionally, NTC personnel are available to walk teachers and/or students through this exercise, exploring both the lessons learned from our Tanzanian books as well as the cultural and social facets of this exchange program.

If you are an interested educator or parent, please contact us or fill out the inquiry form below.  Click HERE to purchase the kit and books at the NTC Bookshop!