What Is VRC?

The Village Reading Corner is an umbrella initiative which incorporates a variety of literacy and cultural exchange programs, both Stateside and in Tanzania.

Through the sharing of stories and folklore, NTC engages Tanzanians and Americans  in cross cultural learning activities. The discussion developed through the lens of shared books helps to  promote global awareness and mutual understanding amongst participants.

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learning to readIn addition to the promotion of a global intelligence, the Village Reading Corner provides an avenue for the development of literacy and critical thinking skills. The extent to which schools are successful in equipping their students with literacy skills is a key indicator of educational progress. These skills are crucial to both the academic pursuits of an individual and their quality of life.   They  provide the foundation upon which skills needed in the labor market and social spheres are built.  Finally, shifting from the individual to the country, a population that has strong literacy skills better enables a country to address complex social, economic and political challenges.

The programs within the Village Reading Corner include household reading sessions, classroom reading projects, the creation and maintenance of libraries and bookshops, and so much more. From the household to the classroom and into the village, each of these programs helps ensure access to relevant reading materials and provides fun ways to practice reading and promote cross cultural exchange.